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A few good books. Help a poor PhD student supplement his grant. ;-)

In alphabetical order by first author’s surname...

Per Bak, How Nature Works Per Bak
How Nature Works
Per Bak was the founding father of self-organized criticality (SOC), and in this book he talks about both the story of the discoveries, and the implications and ideas behind SOC. I’m biased, of course, but I found it an immensely fun and colourful read with a lot of great information — a fascinating trip through the physics of complex systems, from one of the pioneers in that field. I think it is valuable not just as an excellent introduction to a lot of marvellous science, but also as a very evocative picture of how science is actually done. Highly recommended.
Mark Buchanan, Ubiquity Mark Buchanan
Mark Buchanan’s book is more of a ‘pop science’ book than Per’s, but is also well worth reading: its different angle and very accessible text make it an excellent and insightful read into the wide range of different complex systems research.

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