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GIACS — More is Different


Ginestra Bianconi
Ginestra is an absolute star who has done lots of cool work on networks and econophysics.
Stefan Bornholdt
Stefan has done lots fun stuff including biophysics, networks and econophysics.
Hassan Masum
Mogens Høgh Jensen
Mogens has done a great deal of seminal work on fractals, chaos and turbulence, as well as more recent work on bio- and econophysics.
Sergei Maslov
Sergei’s work includes some important contributions to the theory of self-organized criticality and, more recently, some excellent work on biophysics (particularly on protein interactions), networks and econophysics.
James Millington
James works on landscape and ecological modelling, particularly from the poiint of view of human/landscape/ecosystem interaction.
Maya Paczuski
Maya is a top person who has done lots of cool things including some very important work on self-organized criticality, bio- and econophysics, earthquake science and, most recently, a fascinating investigation of solar flares.
Kim Sneppen
Kim is a very prolific scientist whose research includes nuclear physics, fractals, biophysics, econophysics and networks, as well as having developed one of the classic models of self-organized criticality.
Sorin Solomon
Duncan J. Watts
Duncan is most well-known for his work on the structure and dynamics of networks (and more importantly interactions on networks) which have taken him all the way from a physics degree to a professorship of sociology (!).

Research Groups

Fribourg University Interdisciplinary Physics Group
(Fribourg, Switzerland)
Lagrange Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Excellence in Complexity
(ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy)

Not a journal, but an e-print archive. Fantastically useful! The archives cond-mat, physics, nlin, cs and q-bio all contain useful material.
Advances in Complex Systems
BioSystems (ScienceDirect)
Europhysics Letters
European Physical Journal B
Internet Mathematics
Journal of Complexity
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (JSTAT)
Journal of Theoretical Biology
New Journal of Physics
Physica A (ScienceDirect)
Physica D (ScienceDirect)
Physical Biology
Physical Review E
Physical Review Letters
Physics Letters A (ScienceDirect)
Physics Reports (ScienceDirect)
PLoS Biology
PLoS Computational Biology
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B
Reports on Progress in Physics
Reviews of Modern Physics

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